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Oil of Tin

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.: Oil of Tin :.






Attn: This, and all metallic oils, are NOT colloidal & they do not contain the metal nor any of its salts. These are Alchemically catalyzed volatile essential oils from metallic elements & contain compounds that are found in plant essential oils such as ketones, aldehydes, alcohols, esters... 



.: Correspondences :.


Planetary Ruler: Jupiter 

Color: Blue/Orange

Physiology: Liver, Bladder, Sexual Organs, Pituitary, Blood, Cartilage, Tongue, Enzymes

Energy Center: Sacral/Svadhisthana Chakra

Day of the Week: Thursday

Archetype: Jupiter/Zeus - The Great Benefic - The Sky God - Thunder God

Element: Water

Zodiac: Sagittarius and Pisces

Tarot: The Wheel of Fortune and Temperance


A Balanced Sacral CenterFirst - and most importantly - Self Awareness, because without this, you will always impose your "lacks" onto everyone and will never be satisfied. Everything stated here applies to both yourself and with others, simultaneously:  

  • Joy/Excitement/Bliss
  • Thirst for knowledge and wisdom
  • Patient
  • Reliable
  • Satiation 
  • Wanting to share your abundance; emotional, care, love...
  • Feeling Validated within your own Being
  • Bringing life to yourself, the home, loved ones, nature...
  • Compassionate
  • Able to harness creative energies at play between yourself and reality
  • Balanced creative energy center
  • Healthy and consciously cultivated sexual experiences, able to bring Love into sexual intimacy with self and others
  • Desire to expand and thrive
  • Trust that you have and you'll always have enough
  • Temperance/Balance

An Overstimulated Sacral Center:

  • Sexualization of others
  • Overly sexual/touchy/affectionate
  • Imposing yourself onto others
  • Inability to respect other's personal space/boundaries
  • Won't take "No" for an answer/overly insistent
  • Overindulgences; substances, social media, food, spending money...
  • Excessively high expectations of others
  • Never satiated. Never satisfied. Nothing is ever enough; people's time and attention, affection, love, compliments... 
  • Inability to see what you have and appreciate
  • Impulsivity
  • Distrust in authority/authority figures


An Under-stimulated Sacral Center:

  • People Pleasing
  • Loss of Motivation
  • Lack of Inspiration
  • Inability to see your own Self Worth
  • Lack of Creativity
  • Decreased/loss of sex-drive/impotence
  • Issues with the masculine & "daddy" issues (Saturn)
  • Laziness
  • Emotions of guilt and inadequacy
  • Need to "fit in" or feeling left out
  • Emotional attachments to people and things



Although difficult to pin point an exact time and place, Tin has been recorded to have been used as far back as 3000 BC during the Bronze Age where is was used in alloys with Copper to form bronze weapons and tools due to Tin behaving as a solid solution strengthener imparting resilience to oxidation, hardness and strength to the relatively soft and susceptible Copper metal. 






.: Sn50 - The Element :.


 From Saturn we move up to it's son, Jupiter. Represented by the element Tin - Sn - Latin Stannum - is a whitish silvery malleable metal. The Romans called Tin Plumbum Album meaning white lead and can be viewed as a the exaltation from Saturn/Lead. 

Tin is very resistant to oxidation and weathering with examples of coinage and utensils that've been recovered from old ship wrecks still exhibiting it's shiny luster and lends to Tin being to coat other metals so corrosion is prevented. Some alloys of Tin are important; powder, phosphorus bronze, bronze, niobium Tin alloys for superconducting magnets, and soft solders. 

A weakness is found when Tin is either frozen or super heated where it's crystal structure changes from cubic to tetragonal structure, disintegrating into a white powder that was seen as a "sickness" and when this powder comes into contact with elemental Tin it "infects" the Tin and the "disease" spreads causing the metal to disintegrate and continues to spread into anymore accessible Tin nearby hinting to the projective and expansive nature of Jupiter.

The Tin that's found on Earth grows as a vein a few degrees from the equator that actually tracks the orbit of the planet Jupiter line across Earth on that vein of Tin, growing in zig-zags that appear like the pattern of lightning - The God of Lightning Jupiter/Zeus - .



.: The Planet :.


.: Jupiter's Planetary Data :.
*Time required for the planet to return to the same position in the sky relative to the Sun as seen from Earth.
**Calculated for the altitude at which 1 bar of atmospheric pressure is exerted.
Mean Distance from Sun 778,340,821 km (5.2 AU)
Eccentricity of Orbit 0.048
 Inclination of Orbit to Ecliptic 1.3°
Jovian Year (sidereal period of revolution) 11.86 Earth Years
Visual Magnitude at Mean Opposition −2.70
Mean Synodic Period* 398.88 Earth Days
Mean Orbital Velocity 13.1 km/sec
Equatorial Radius** 71,492 km
Polar Radius** 66,854 km
Mass 18.98 × 1026 kg
Mean Density 1.33 g/cm3
Gravity** 2,479 cm/sec2
Escape Velocity 60.2 km/sec
.: Rotation Periods :.
 System I (±10° from equator) 9 hrs 50 min 30 sec
 System II (higher latitudes) 9 hrs 55 min 41 sec
 System III (magnetic field) 9 hrs 55 min 29 sec
Inclination of Equator to Orbit 3.1°
Dimensions of Great Red Spot 20,000 × 12,000 km
Magnetic Field Strength at Equator 4.3 Gauss
Number of Known Moons 95 as of Feb. 2024
Planetary Ring System 1 Main Ring; 3 less-dense components


 Known as the Giant Amongst Giants, the 5th distant planet from the Sun is a massive luminary (luminaries are sources of light in our sky) that, although being 483 million miles from the Sun, is one of the more notable night-sky luminaries that produces it's own light and reflects a small amount of sunlight with its own being much brighter. Science sees this phenomena from Jupiter as suggestive to its internal mechanisms and may be connected to it's Great Red Spot which reaches these internal clouds that provide revolving forces in opposite directions, giving more power to the storm. Jupiter is made of Hydrogen and Helium much like our Sun but lacks the mass, internal pressures and temps to achieve nuclear fusion to ever become a star but allows it to produce its own light. In order for Jupiter to ever become a Sun/Star, it must transmutate from the state called Jupiter. It's a Gas Giant and it has qualities/behaviors/characteristics similar to a Star.

It may not be a Star but the core temp of Jupiter is so hot that the Hydrogen is found in a liquid-metal state rather than in it's Earthly gaseous state! Jupiter emits radio noise whose frequencies will occasionally emit more energy than our Sun. 



.: Jupiter_The Sky Father :.


Jupiter/Zeus is known as Jove and is the god of the Sky and Thunder. He and his Aquila (Eagle) symbols were used throughout the Roman Empire where they believed that Jupiter revered them more than anyone else because they worshiped him more than anyone and any other. 

Jupiter is the son of Saturn and Ops (goddess of wealth and abundance). Family: His wife, Juno (virgin mother of Mars and goddess of fertility), Neptune (god of the sea), Pluto (ruler of the underworld), Ceres (goddess of agriculture), and Vesta (goddess of the hearth). Key notes to keep in mind because these are corresponding aspects of Jupiter as either qualities or their shadow influences which may need to be exalted in Jupiter while on his journey into becoming the wise one. 

Expansion, wisdom, joviality, fertility, fluency, and more are qualities of this wonderful Being. He is the god of thunder and rain that activates mycelial networks to produce fruit in high altitudes and brings refreshing nourishment during the monsoon. Where Saturn is matter over Mind, Jupiter stands as Mind over matter and lends to a life that overflows with music, abundance, luck, oracles/divination/intuition, sexuality, and masculinity. His voice is the Thunder and his tool is Lightning. His function is to bring fertility to soil with his seminal moisture. He rules the Liver (our chemical factory, lust for life), the Tongue, and Enzymes (catalyzers in biological process), cartilage, circulation of blood, and the muscles.


.: The Oil of Tin :.


Tin has preservative qualities; foods are preserved in Tin cans, cut flowers last longer in Tin vases/containers, and beer (ruled by Jupiter) tastes better drank from a Tin vessel. The therapeutic effects of the Oil of Tin are hepatic and anti-spasmodic and preserves the body while promoting healthy growth. Individuals working in ritual/spiritual settings benefit greatly from the Oil of Tin since if affects the Mind in a way that promotes and understanding of their work from the highest of perspectives. It attunes oneself to the opening of channels of abundance and growth spiritually, materially, and within the Soul. Mixed with the Oil of Gold it can grant access to the highest plane of awareness.

The Oil of Tin is excellent for those loosing weight/letting go of excess in confidence. Targeting the Liver, it works on cirrhosis, acne, water retention, inflammatory effusions, jaundice, certain types of eczema, liquid ovarian cysts, pleurisies, and certain types of obesity. At larger doses it is used as an inducer for sweating (detoxification), vermifuge, cathartic, laxative, anabolic, and is antispasmodic. The Oil of Tin is used to as an antidote to Mercury poisoning/accumulation (Jupiter's polar opposite is Mercury).

.: How to Use the Oil of Tin :.


Make this a ritual, even if its just for the first initial sitting with this oil. 3-5 drops in a shot glass of water. with eyes closed smell the Oil of Tin as it disperses and opens up. What are you smelling? What memories, if any, are brought up? As you scan, feel your body from the top of you head down to the soles of your feet. What do you feel? Are there certain locations that call your attention? Are you experiencing any memories? Discomforts? Are you experiencing positive emotions/sensations/insights? There is no wrong or right. Your experience is yours and whatever shows itself is beautiful, even if "negative" because these show up at the moment before "healing", detoxing, and letting go. Where we go afterwards is always the beginning of the little seedling ready to germinate and sprout into this wonderful world of ours. As with any practice or supplement, work with this oil for at least one full lunar cycle (a month) and things require time to be recognized by the Body and Mind, build up, and be sent where this oil is required.