Oil of Gold
Oil of Gold
Oil of Gold
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Oil of Gold

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.:Oil of Gold:.




Planetary Ruler: The Sun

Color: Violet

Physiology: The Pineal Gland

Energy Center: Crown/Sahasrara Chakra

Day of the Week: Sunday

Archetype Deity: Apollo

Element: Fire

A Balanced Crown Center:
  • Exceptional intuitive understanding and sagacity
  • Complete consciousness of the divine self
  • Unification with the essence of all existence
  • Eradicates the source of agony and cuts off ignorance at its core
  • Emancipation from repetitive life cycles
  • Direct perception of the ultimate truth
An Over-stimulated Crown Center
  • Overthinking things excessively
  • Obsessed with the spiritual realm
  • Neglecting physical needs
  • Inability to regulate interactions with other planes of existence
  • Viewed as unconventional or eccentric
  • Difficulty staying grounded
  • Struggles with being taken seriously by others
  • Tendency towards narcissism or God complex
  • Perceived superiority over others
An Under-stimulated Crown Center
  • Absence of direction in life
  • Perception of futility in everything
  • Resentment towards the divine
  • Attribution of life's challenges to external factors
  • Difficulty with coordination
  • Awkwardness and imbalance
  • Deficiency in spiritual inclination
  • Absence of curiosity in exploring the inner-self











Elemental Gold has and is still a symbol of power, knowledge, wealth, status, and authority since the ancients became aware of it. It has been standardized to back up and be a currency, is used in technology, and has adorned kings throughout time. Besides it's physical qualities, Gold's been used in medicine and has lengthy mythology surrounding it representing allegorical/archetypal structures within the human psyche, and the ancient alchemists hand a comprehension of it that we're just beginning to uncover again, with the understanding that all metals are on their journey to become another metal until it's transition into Gold. Throughout history one can find synchronistic connections with Gold, the Divine, the supernatural, and spirituality; from the Aztecs to the Sumerians, from the gold rush to the Space Age, transcending Time and Space and becoming a standard. It is the connection between the Conscious and the Unconscious realms of the human psyche and was the gift worthy for a god. Continuing the Work left behind, the Oil of Gold is now available to us, offering a rare opportunity to experience a truly regal expression of the Sun and Crown in our interesting modern times. 



.:The Element:.




The yellow-reddish metal is a group 11, solid phase, transitional element with an atomic number of 79 on the Periodic Table and is one of the least reactive of the  elements, its symbol is Au - Latin Aurum, and is the most noble of the Noble Metals. Gold is incorruptible, resisting attack from most acids, even Gold artifacts found in the corrosive nature of the oceans after thousands of years  will not oxidize or tarnish and won't oxidize under normal atmospheric conditions. 


- Telluride Ore - 



Native Gold is usually found in small to microscopic amounts in rock veins although museum quality specimens have been found in beautifully pristine crystal structures with pure quartz. It will rarely form ores with the elements Sulfur (S), Selenium (Se), and Tellurium (Te). It's mostly found with Telluride as an ore called Tellurium accounting for 20% of how Gold is usually found with about 42% of the ore being Au. 



Being the most ductile of all the metals, a single gram of Gold can be hammered into a 11sq ft sheet and Gold leaf can be flatted to be transparent at approximately 100 atoms thick, even down to the thickness of 1 atom, and a ounce of material can be stretched out into a thin wire of 5 microns and partial reasons as to why Gold has been used in tech, coinage, art, and jewelry. Because of it's malleability it isn't a strong metal and is alloyed with other various metals depending on application.

Gold is used as a contact metal in hi-tech electronics and space technologies because of its conductivity with heat and electricity (it does very well in the extreme vacuum of outer space) for longer periods of time compared to copper and silver whose conductivities are better but not in the long run as these tarnish and oxidize. Because of it's high reflectivity of light and heat, a thin and transparent layer of Gold is coated on the helmet visors of astronauts that protects from the sun's energy and infrared radiation.



.:The Gold Standard:.


Under a free market Gold is a currency and relative to forms of monetary exchanges; the U.S. Dollar, the Euro, and so on. It is a liquid asset/security and can be converted into cash and not affect it's market price, acts like other currencies in several ways and can be expected to perform very well when paper currencies declining and stocks are dropping during wartime; an increase in Gold prices is a good indicator of underlying economic issues. Even in economic declines Gold allows traders and individuals investment opportunities to protect them from financial suffering. 

I bring up money because it's so closely related to Gold. If we look at the Periodic Table we can understand the elements and see how Gold, to a degree, is money. 


Gases and Liquids

Noble gases (Argon & Helium) and elements like Hydrogen, Nitrogen, and Oxygen, are gases at standard pressures and room temperatures. As money, they're impractical. 

Lanthanides & Actinides -

These elements generally decay, become radioactive/unstable, are dangerous, and poisonous. Even more impractical. 

Alkali & Alkaline Earth Metals -

These are highly reactive at standard pressures and room temperature with some, like Potassium, bursting into flames. 

Transition & Post Transition Metals/Metalloids

About 30 elements are solid, non-flammable, and non-toxic. To be used as money they must be rare but not too rare.

Super-Rare & Synthetic Elements 

(Super-Rare) Can come from meteorites (Osmium) and synthetic elements that are lab made which use other elements, time, money, man power, and a lot of energy in order to make just a single synthetic element. Quite obvious as to why they aren't practical to be like money.


After a process of elimination, we're left with 5 precious elements - Platinum, Palladium, Rhodium, Silver, and Gold. Silver tarnishes over time. Both Palladium and Rhodium are recent discoveries with very little known applications to giving them limited global/commercial use while Platinum's extremely high melting point requires Vulcan's furnace to process it; again time, money, energy... So we're left with Gold and it's low melting point, conductivity, availability, and applications which are still being unlocked and discovered. This has lead to material testing for strength and corrosiveness to be ranked and determined by how far the material being tested is from Gold. 


.:The Sun's Temperament:. 

Let's get into the Greek/Roman Olympian god, Apollo. Son of Zeus (and his favorite son), half brother to Hermes, he took the place of the Titan god, Helios. By understanding the archetypes through mythology, we can build a picture of their correspondences to the planets and metals.



Apollo was king and like the sun, his light shined brightly over the Earth. He was known as the god of poetry, science, intelligence, power, wealth, truth, healing, prophecy, archery, music (thanks to Hermes who stole Apollo's cows and got away from being messed up by Apollo after gifting him the Lyre and can turn stones into musical instruments), and a lot more... very all-encompassing as is the sun. Apollo has a temperament for sure and the Raven (one of Apollo's symbols) represents this - ravens used to be white until a raven gave Apollo some bad news and in his anger turned raven black and was an early example of the sun god's personal issue with shooting the Messenger. Apollo's twin sister, Artemis, is the moon goddess who rides her chariot across the sky to bring darkness while Apollo rides his to bring the light of the sun. He wears a wreath of laurel leaves on his head to signify victory and honor but the story is that Apollo was in love with the demigod Daphne. Daphne was cursed by Eros, who cursed Daphne to feel hatred for love and lust, after arrogant Apollo stated that he was a better archer than Eros. Daphne asked her father to help her get away from Apollo's love and was turned into a laurel tree and this is what leads Apollo to wear the golden laurel as a crown for his love. With all of his handsomeness, power, creativity, and intelligence, Apollo was never one with luck when it came to love. 

Apollo was the far-sighted god of a far and reasoned approach, logic was his means to everything. Straight as an arrow and calculated everything with the linear trajectory of a physicist. His qualities lead him into "sins" that even the sun god couldn't escape because when one operates solely from the Crown, a narrowmindedness affect overcomes clarity. Pure logic and intelligence can breed arrogance, boastfulness, hubris, and a manipulative nature. Individuals who operate from this energy center emit this air about them and they get high off of it and, like a narcissist or sociopath, are incapable of seeing this because they live in the Above realms while completely omitting the fact that they exist here with the rest of us. 

In alchemy, to be exalted, the King/Crown/Sun/Gold must come down to the Heart/Earth/Antimony/Physical reality and this is when the true king of kings becomes grounded and available for the people... they will coronate the king, not the other way around. 

Examples of this energy center/chakra being out of balance becomes very obvious once an understanding of this archetype is had;

Constant complaining/bitching about others, a lack of compassion for others, the need to manipulate out of insecurity, never being able to sustain and nourish a romantic love or personal relationships, a weakness in Will/character, loss of contact with reality, delusion/delusions of grandeur, self-centeredness, lack of motivation, lack of taking responsibility, narrowmindedness, arrogance, inability to manage oneself and others, ungroundedness, despair, poor self-esteem, impurity... the list goes on.

When one has come to this center a huge responsibility is immediately placed on oneself for oneself and the people. To even so slightly teeter form this Path will devastating consequences - as it should. This is the path of Virtue and Righteousness, you're directly rubbing elbows with Divinity. Tread lightly and from the Heart.

When the Crown center is processed with awareness and intent, the sun god begins to have beautiful sunrises;

GROUNDED in the present moment, compassion for others, courage, understanding, empathy, leadership, confidence, mental acuity, ability to balance logic/intelligence with the Heart/feeling/sensation, ability to express e-motions and feelings, relationship to money/wealth/abundance shifts from lack to "I know I always have", temperance, creative energy flow, manifestation, awareness/prophetic comprehension, healthy ambition, purity, a direct/loving/understanding/honest connection with the Divine Feminine both internally and externally, realizing that you are both at service to oneself and other, purpose is known, and as a source of inspiration to the world.

It's no longer about you, you're here to carry the Cross of Time and Space and do god's Work. We all are. Working with the Oil of Gold assists in balancing this energy center, just be sure to surrender and be grounded throughout this life-changing process. You are standing between the Above and Below realms, and the Above can seem reeeeeally nice because you're so disconnected and desensitized from reality/humans/emotions/feelings that even a peep of the Below is off putting but that's all you and not the truth. To do god's Work, to be a loyal servant to Virtue, to lead by experience and example, to "walk softly but carry a big stick", to KNOW, to BE. This is the King exalted in the Heart. Welcome back to Earth, kiddo. Ain't is just beautiful? This is YOUR gift to YOURSELF. Now get the heck up and enjoy your creation. 


.:The Oil of Gold:.

Through advanced alchemical disciplines and the deciphering of ancient secrets, an essential oil is catalyzed from elemental Gold. It does not have the metallic element but instead contains a myriad of compounds like Pyrroles, Phenols, Alcohols, Ketones, Sesquiterpenes, with the most abundant being Monoterpenes. These compounds are also found in plant essential oils leading to the idea that the compounds found in these metallic oils were precursors to the foundations of plant volatiles and each metal's structure of compounds reflects its correspondent nature and archetype to the plant realm. This is how metallic sulfurs have life-changing, mind altering, balancing, and toning effects on both the physical and spiritual/energetic bodies.



With the physical body, the Oil of Gold directly affects and is tethered to the Crown/Brain which contains and directly links to the Pineal Gland. This gland is located and protected in the center of the brain between the left and right cerebral hemisphere and science has a lot to understand about the purposes and functions of the Pineal.

In an average adult, the Pineal measures at 7.4mm x 6.9mm x 2.5mm, weighs about 120mg, has a predilection for calcification, is highly vascularized, isn't isolated from the body by the blood-brain barrier, through its own pinealocyte cells receives and conveys data from environmental light/dark cycles where it produces melatonin in the dark/night from tryptophan.


 -Fontana della Pigna/Fountain of the Pinecone at the Vatican ;) -


Matthew 6:22 - For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. The eye is the lamp of the body. If your eyes are good, your whole body will be full of light. But if your eyes are bad, your whole body will be full of darkness.



- Eagle-Headed Assyrian Deity holding the Pine Cone -


John 8:12 - Jesus spoke to the people and said "I am the light of the World. If you follow me, you won't have to walk in darkness, because you will have the light that leads to life."


If you're paying attention you'll begin to have this important symbol brought to your light/awareness like the morning sunrise. While the eyes are It's windows, the Pineal is said to be the seat of the Soul. DMT, also called the Spirit Molecule, is produced by the Pineal and if you've ever experienced it or other entheogens you may have encountered the divine within oneself and all. These substances can be an fast-track ticket to divine awareness but can be dangerous. Sure; nothing matters, life has no meaning, you are god, blah blah blah… This awareness is just a small level of reality but it is NOT existence and without a proper ground, guidance, discipline, and humility, the Mind and very easily fall into hubris and egoism. Escapism can be another symptom of opening the Third Eye without a proper circuit to the Heart because even though life can be awful, painful, abusive, neglective, and dark, it actually is the life you intelligently and divinely designed before logging into this world and gnosis of this rids of the need for the scapegoat/devil/demon/satan because you are well aware that it's all you, by you, and for you, when you get this you'll then share this with those in your world through merely existing and Being. The rays of your light will shed light into the darkest recesses of anyone who comes anywhere near your field.

The Oil of Gold is a gentler, softer, and smoother approach to the Crown center. These metallics aren't meant to cure or fix your problems or malaise, but rather to operate in both the foreground and background of your Being and regulate any blockages and delusions impeding with your divine awareness. What and how will be specific to you and your journey... Yet I have noticed with myself and clients continuous correlations; Opening of the Third Eye, prophetic dreams, disambiguation from thoughts/perceptions/opinions/fears/uncertainties because of it's profound connection to divine awareness and when one knows what's in the dark - how could there be fear and doubt? The Oil of Gold facilitates clear perception that comes the opportunity to cast away any demonic aspect of the Mind, and this spreads like fire over ever cell of the body and even brings this to the other 6 energetic centers we have; the true King walks through its kingdom, laying down the Law and correcting the 6 to do their jobs and get with the new program. 

This Oil of Gold should be approached with kindness, an open Mind, and Love and should not be approached with selfish, egoic expectation of what it should do for you. 

1-5 Drops in a drink, alcoholic beverages are even nicer and bring the Oil of Gold quickly into the body. 1x a day and I always suggest to work with it, starting on a Sunday, for 1 full consecutive week. Do yourself the favor and log your data; journal your dreams, changes in appearance, thoughts/perceptions, changes in your reality, changes in people in your life, changes in finances, and the likes. Not only does this allow you to see its affects but also, as with manifesting, you amplify what the Oil of Gold is shifting because awareness is power. 

Myself and the Universe invite you to the awareness that is Christ Consciousness, the Buddha. Let's wake up and and see what's really good.