.: Project Materia :.

Science, Spirituality, & Nature... This is Alchemy. This is my Magick.


In Latin, Materia Artium translates to “material arts”. Alone, the word Materia translates to “mother”—the material reality, the external, and the feminine.  

Materia is an art house and alchemical laboratory that crafts experiences using ancient practices, neo methods, and technologies, to do what nature already does and condense it in a fraction of the time. We refine Matter to its highest potentials, thus exalting the human vessel and the Mind, which creates and alters all of reality through the disciplinary structures of Alchemy.

Alchemy is the Art of Evolution. Life is evolution. Man has always wanted to understand himself and used the world as a means to do so. What science is lacking and what spirituality also left behind when all systems which design our human society is the comprehension of Nature as perfection and the one, single Truth in existence. While we can now see atoms in a much clearer manner, and the spiritual movement continues to repeat things of old, the combination of the two is occurring at an accelerated rate thanks to the age of information. What we do in the laboratory is combining the theories and philosophies our Nature and apply them. Through study and observation, we can begin to see the processes that occur in Nature and imitate them for the sake of understanding Nature and how she operates, with each process teaching us more of our natural world and the lessons learned begin to work as keys which open doors to processes that science and technology cannot detect nor perceive. Nature has - Infinite - processes within processes which behave as cycles. As we go deeper, we can not only imitate them, but accelerate them as well, an amazing feat when one can imagine that, for example, it can take Nature a week to complete a process such as germination, seasonal cycles, and then there are those that take hundreds, thousands... billions of years to complete, and we can do these in a fraction of the time. It is a gift to man that we have accessed and managed to still have the works left behind by the few who embarked on this story. To know Nature is to know thy-Self.

We work with, and extract, from the realms of shamanism, MagicK, science, alchemy, quantum physics, the esoteric and occult, philosophy, religion and spirituality, poison work, psychedelia, and psychoanalysis. Through extensive research, and by what is called Dimensional Smuggling, Materia brings abstract knowledge and secrets into the 3rd realm as to be used in the every day creation.

All of this is showcased through the various art forms of Animalia, Botánica, Perfume, Mineral, Metallic, Writing, Animal Totems, and other future expressions. These place the Mind into resonant and yet unfamiliar awareness where it can examine old perspectives/patterns/behaviors and create new ones where self-consciousness, aligned with authenticity, become the means to living a free, fulfilling, and satiating life.

Materia's purpose is to inspire one through the remembrance of what was forgotten, alleviate the pressures that come with the inevitable cycles of Self-individuation, and participate in the inevitable shifts of awareness by working from the within. This is already leading the global and personal consciousness into sovereignty, boundlessness, and the embodiment of the state of Love/Truth of our one-Self. To remember and be in accordance with Self is Key.


Materia Artium curates expositions of artistic expression. Great care, attention, and respect is taken while securing and harvesting. Nothing is wasted, nothing is lost, just as Nature does on its own. Certain crafts can take a year or longer to be completed, some occurring only once, all of which are limited in their availability.


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