Oil of Silver
Oil of Silver
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Oil of Silver

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.: Oil of Silver :.



Attn: This, and all metallic oils, are NOT colloidal & they do not contain the metal nor any of its salts. These are Alchemically catalyzed volatile essential oils from metallic elements & contain compounds that are found in plant essential oils such as ketones, aldehydes, alcohols, esters... 

Planetary Ruler: The Moon 

Color: Blue/White/Silver/Grey

Physiology: The Brain, Bodily Fluids, Pituitary gland

Energy Center: Ajna Chakra/Third Eye

Day of the Week: Monday

Archetype: Selene, Diana, Artemis, Hathor, The Divine Mother


ZodiacCancer & the Fourth House

Tarot: The Moon, The High Priestess

Silver/the Moon rules over the Ajna center (also called the perception center) where it tethers to the Pituitary gland. This gland, called the master gland, is located just below the hypothalamus and has two lobes each with their own functions that create hormones; the Posterior lobe - responsible for storing and releasing Oxytocin (the bonding or "love" hormone) and Vasopressin which regulates water in the body and blood pressure. The Anterior lobe - regulates other glands like the adrenals and thyroid as well as producing its own hormones that control reproduction, metabolism, and growth. 
When the Ajna center is activated, opened, and balanced, it will stimulate the pituitary gland, optimizing hormone production/release where it in turn brings positive displays in our physical, emotional, and spiritual/mental realms. 




A Balanced Ajna Center
  • Trust and Faith even when in the unknown
  • Nurturing
  • Compassionate
  • A healthy relationship with the Feminine both inside and outside
  • Intuitive/psychic/foresight 
  • Healthy selflessness
  • Heightened perception
  • Bringing life to yourself, the home, loved ones, nature...
  • Clarity and focus
  • Creative
  • Ability to manage emotions
  • Dream recall/travel, outer-body ability
  • Imaginative
  • Good memory

An Overstimulated Ajna Center:

  • Insomnia/sleep disorders
  • Nightmares/night terrors
  • Inability to differentiate the physical from spiritual 
  • Problems with maintaining focus
  • Exhausting and overwhelming thoughts/emotions
  • Obsession with psychic visions 
  • Paranoia
  • Confusion
  • Spacing out
  • Difficulty with concentration
  • Non drug induced hallucinations
  • Anxiety


An Under-stimulated Ajna Center:

  • Narrow minded
  • Poor vision/memory
  • No dream recall
  • Denial
  • Lack of Creativity
  • Depression
  • Lack of foresight
  • Foggy headspace/thoughts
  • Unable to bond with others
  • Emotional/mental exhaustion
  • Unable to see or think beyond one's own perceptions



.: Ag47 - The Element :.



The Latin name for Silver is Argentum meaning "white" or "shiny" while the word Silver is from the Anglo Saxon word for "seolfor".
 After crude oil, Silver is the most used resource on this planet. The first known mining operations for Silver go back 3000 years to what's modern day Turkey and nearly 5000 years after the ancients began mining for it, Silver mining production grew to 800 million ounces in  2019.  
The majority of Silver we have comes from direct mining operations while the rest comes as a byproduct from copper, zinc, and lead refineries with most Silver found on Earth being dissolved in sea water at 10mg/m3 showing its connection to the water element.
Mirrors in state of the art deep space telescopes, jewelry, microwaves, medical fields, computer tech, electronics... Silver plays a role in over 10,000 industrial applications. It may not be Gold, but it is a noble metal and one of the most important element and metal to our high-tech society. 
 Silver changed a large part of the ancient world when it was first used to prevent infections which was something that could almost certainly lead to amputations or death. Vessels made of Silver were used for drinking because it killed harmful bacteria and food was kept in Silver containers during sea voyages for this reason.


.: The Planet :.




Our Moon is Earth's only natural satellite and it's name comes from the proper Greek name for the Moon; Selene ~ she was the divine personification of the Moon. There really is no difference between the two. Selene rode her moon-chariot across the sky which was thought to have been a story that helped ancient people the passages of the Moon and Sun across the sky. 
We don't have actual evidence of how old our Moon is and whether humans, or another ancient and advanced people, existed before the Moon became our satellite or not. But many speculations exist and we won't get into any of them here. 
The distance between Earth and the Moon averages about 238,855 miles, roughly 30 Earth-sized planets could fit in that space. 
The Moon is less than 1/3 the size of Earth with a radius of 1,080 miles and a full lunar orbit is 27 days but because Earth, on its axis, is also rotating it seems that it takes 29 days. Perspective. The Moon's gravity is about 1/6 of Earth's. 
In full Sun, the Moon's temperatures can reach 127 degrees Celsius while also dropping down to -173 degrees Celsius in total darkness.  
Earth has stable seasons and maintains its axis due to the Moon's gravitational effects that plays a major part in the possibility for life on our planet. It affects our length of day and that pull is the reason for high tides.
Our oceans are affected by the lunar phases and many women, who pay attention, notice a correlation with their menstrual cycles and the Moon.
A variety of animal's reproduction cycles and migration are linked to the Moon's phases and science is just beginning to see that human mood, sexual activity, behavior, and emotion are affected by the Moon as well.


     .: The Oil of Silver :.        


Healing with Silver has been practiced in folk medicine and Alchemy for thousands of years. Some biological actions of the Oil of Silver are astringent and bactericide. It is emetic, cooling, sedative, relaxing, and moisturizing to bodily fluids that can  become dehydrated causing congestion and blocking flow. Silver's actions directly target the brain and Mind behaving as a purgative for disorders relating to the psyche and mental health such as stress, dysregulation in mood/mood swings, emotions, mania, and melancholia.
:: Melancholy occurs to many individuals and usually occurs as a byproduct to those whom have seen or experienced things through psychedelic use, shamanic realms, near death situations, practices in magic, Jungian psycho-analytical practices, and alchemical laboratory works. Sometimes the Mind isn't quite prepared for the revealing of Truth and a period of melancholy usually follows ::
This oil works on both the Conscious and Subconscious aspects of the total Mind bringing equilibrium and stability. Fears, worries, doubt, traumas... these tend to live, grow, linger, and persist in the Subconscious and stay locked in our memories which are how we perceived past events to have occurred and why.
The Oil of Silver provides assistance with the cleaning up of those things that aren't your and no longer serve you. The Moon corresponds to water, ruling over the fluids of the body where emotions or traumas tend to get "stuck" or linger without any awareness and this is the realm beyond the Conscious Mind where the Moon and the High Priestess come in.
The High Priestess sits in the liminal space before the pillars of the Subconscious with the energies of Water and the Moon, and Water is amazing and powerful when it comes to cleansing space, remoisturizing stagnant areas and providing flow to places that were previously damned up. You are the performer, wielding the ideas of black and white/light and dark/pain and joy/ignorance and wisdom. These two provide you with the necessary awareness to play out your life and dream it to the fullest. With this correspondence, Silver metal, the Oil of Silver, the Moon, and the High Priestess have a powerful connection to entheogens and psychedelic experiences. This is where the operator can be granted access beyond the veil and into much deeper and profound realms.
All metallic oils are special, rare, and unique within their own right. With that stated, I share that the Oil of Silver has been the most profound metal that I have had the strangest pleasure to work with in and out of the laboratory due to bias because of my affinity, deep transformation, and current place in this world due to my own work with the Moon, the Subconscious, and entheogenic compounds. I was a bit hesitant to share this precious oil with just anyone except those I felt would appreciate and respect working with this incredible guide, healer, and teacher. I've gained a bit more awareness and have come to understand that it's not for me to decide and that it uses me as the Mercury to play middle-man so that it ends of in the hands it's meant to. IF you do choose to travel with the Oil of Silver in whatever manner that means for you, just have fun. Be open, mindful, and expect nothing. Trust and Love are amazing tools to have beside you. 






.: How to Use the Oil of Silver :.


Make this a ritual, even if its just for the first initial sitting with this oil. 3-5 drops in a shot glass of water. With your eyes closed, take a good, long, deep smell the Oil as it disperses and opens up. What are you smelling? What memories, if any, are brought up? As you scan, feel your body from the top of you head down to the soles of your feet. What do you feel? Are there certain locations that call your attention? Are you experiencing any memories? Discomforts? Are you experiencing positive emotions/sensations/insights? There is no wrong or right. Your experience is yours and whatever shows itself is beautiful, even if "negative" because these show up at the moment before "healing", detoxing, and letting go. Where we go afterwards is always the beginning of the little seedling ready to germinate and sprout into this wonderful world of ours. As with any practice or supplement, work with this oil for at least one full lunar cycle (a month) and things require time to be recognized by the Body and Mind, build up, and be sent where this oil is required.
This particular oil pairs very well with Rabbit and Blue Lotus where their lunar qualities and specific attributes can be exciting. Another personal favorite is creating my set and setting with various entheogenic compounds around the Oil of Silver. 
It's Like LSD without the trip.