Amanita Muscaria Quintessence
Amanita Muscaria Quintessence
Amanita Muscaria Quintessence
Amanita Muscaria Quintessence
Amanita Muscaria Quintessence
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Amanita Muscaria Quintessence

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.: Amanita Muscaria :.




Species: Amanita muscaria "Fly Agaric" "Toadstool"

Secured: Late Summer of 2019/2020, Taos Mountains, N.M.

Parts Used:  Caps, Harvested Ethically to Ensure Repopulation

Active Constituents:  Ibotenic Acid, Muscimol. Non-Active; Muscazole, Muscazone

Nutrition:  Silica, Dimethylsulfoxide "Organic Sulfur"

Extraction Methods:  Soxhlet, Several Alchemically Disciplined Menstruums to Extract and Concentrate the Sulfur, ENS Method, Spirit of Wine, Isolate of Alkaloid

Correspondences:  Solar, Lunar, Earth

Highlights:  Awareness of the Unconscious Mind, Shadow Work, Magick, Lucid Dreams, Dream Work, Manifestation, Bliss State, Electricity/Lightning as a connection with Above and Below, Intuition, Calmness, Restful Sleep, Vision Quests, Animal Work and Communication/Understanding, Hypnotic/Trance States, Invocation of Deities (Mental Aspects), Trees, Enlightenment/Remembrance/Awareness of The Self, Soma, Yggdrasil

Pharmacological Activities:  

  • Acts as a GABA Agonist/Increases GABA Activity
  • Stimulates the Hippocampus
  • Relieves Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Helps With PTSD
  • Calms Central Nervous System/Brain Neurons
  • Relieves Muscle/Physical Pain and Discomfort
  • Sleep Issues/Restlessness
  • Counteracts Hyperarousal
  • Can Lower High Blood Pressure
  • Increases Acetylcholine Release

     Spiritual Activities: 

    • Vivid/Lucid Dreams
    • Visions
    • Presence While Processing and Healing Mental/Emotional States
    • Pattern/Habitual/Unconscious Cognition
    • Discernment 



    Massive Harvest, Late Summer 2019


    "Who...Are...You?" Asks the caterpillar. Alice replies, "I hardly know, sir, just at present, at least I know who I WAS when I got up this morning, but I think I must have been changed several times since then." - Lewis Carrol's "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland."


    Amanita muscaria is a cosmopolitan species that can be found in the Northern Hemisphere all over the world in temperate boreal regions with recent molecular studies showing them originally to be from Siberia. They commonly grow underneath trees like pine, birch, spruce, and cedar, and have developed a beautiful symbiotic relationship with these trees. Unlike plants who make their food through photosynthesis, and more like humans, they are heterotrophs and need to consume other organisms for sustenance by using secreted enzymes that decompose their food from the trees in the forms of lipids, sugars, and proteins. This is done through hyphae that wrap themselves around the roots of specific trees that have developed different root systems from other trees, enabling the relationship between them and the Amanita.

    The rare symbiotic relationship between specialized trees and the Amanita, as well as other fungi, is called ectomycorrhiza and occurs when the hyphae from the Amanita infect the tree's roots, forming a net around them This net will continue to grow as the roots grow to create a secure place for this relationship as well as protecting the tree from possibly harmful fungi, also giving the tree an added advantage of an increase in pathogenic resistance. The gap between the net and the root is where the reciprocity of nutrients happens, it's where the fungi receive carbohydrates and convert them into sucrose that's used by the tree and has been shown to accelerate tree growth exponentially, with the presence of this network increasing the surface area around the tree's roots allowing it to absorb more water and nutrients.

    There are two methods of which the Amanita uses to reproduce itself; through the release of basidiospores from its basidia lined gills underneath the cap and the other being through a network known as mycelium, that will grow towards areas where, if the soil conditions are adequate with moisture and nutrients, a new fruit will emerge carrying its exact genetic data and can be seen in what's called 'fairy rings'. Another interesting phenomenon is the fact that lightning striking the soil increases the production of fruits from mycelial networks where the mushroom initially decrease the enzyme and protein secretions from the hyphae that slow things down once fruiting has started, but for currently unknown reasons, lightning may disrupt the signals during fruiting to maximize their population as well as survival.



    - We have drunk Soma and become immortal; we have attained the light, the Gods discovered. - Rigveda, Soma Mandala


    Amanita muscaria is one of the aspects of the plant/fungal realm that has a prolific history in children's fairytales that goes well into our current history with its association with the holiday season, Santa Claus, and the history of its use in ancient shamanic and esoteric circles. Its value in medicine stems from a compound that has been part of the lore behind it with stories revolving around the psychedelic aspect of it with more to this mushroom that is overlooked by those simply seeking a journey.

    A drink called Soma rasa has been mentioned in the Vedic sutras and Ayurvedic texts alluded to be the drink of the gods, also called Amrita in Sanskrit which translates to "nectar of immortality" and the 9th chapter in the Rigveda, called the Soma Mandala is entirely on this Soma. Many speculations exist on whether this Soma was made from Amanita, poppy, hashish, ephedra, or is a concoction of them all, it's difficult to tell but it's been know that the ancient people of the mountainous regions of India consumed these and the Amanita in ritual ceremonies. Soma translates from Sanskrit to mean "distill, extract, sprinkle", evidence that this was not myth or allegory but rather something that was processed to make Soma.

    The experience being had by these people in connection with the Amanita, while living up in the mountains, was such a profoundly powerful one that it can only be understood as complete enlightenment. When these people left the mountains and migrated throughout India, they had lost their connection with Amanita because it only grew in that mountainous climate,. Something from the Amanita had stayed with them afterward that gave way to a series of purification exercises that paved the way for yoga. This was called kriyas, meaning 'completed action', which came forth as spontaneous action from the awakened kundalini energy. 

    To some Siberian shamans, the reindeer and Amanita mushroom were at the core of their folklore and the mushroom being their only form of inebriation before alcohol appeared. The Koryak people, as with many others spread out as the area, of the far eastern Siberian tundra, have worked with the Amanita in conjunction with their shamanic traditions, and any work done with Amanita was taken very seriously and approached with much humility, intention, and respect. In the eastern part of Siberia, the tribes there greatly relied on reindeer to sustain the people with meat, milk, and warmth. Something this important would lead one to be observant of it, its habits, and the nature of it existing. The reindeer would eat the Amanita and this is how the people began to work with it.

    To the Koryak, Big Raven (Quikinnaiqu) was the organizer of the universe, the one who stole the Sun from the heavens and gifted it to man. In one story, Big Raven and Whale were close friends. One day, while hanging out, Whale swam too close to the shore and became beached. Fearful of never being able to get back to the ocean, Whale asked Big Raven for help, but this was too difficult for him so he asked Vahiyinin, the Sky God (Existence), for help. Vahiyinin told Big Raven of the spirits of Wapaq, to go and consume one of them so he would have the strength to help his brother. Vahiyinin then spat on the earth to show the Wapaq to Big Raven and his spit became the Amanita. After consuming one of the Wapaq, Big Raven became very excitable, full of such strength and power which he's never experienced, was able to lift Whale very easily and return him to the ocean. Big Raven told Wapaq to grow on earth, to help guide, teach, and assist humans forever. That when anyone was sick, wanted their futures foretold, wanted to understand a dream, or take a journey into the underworld, that Wapaq would lend its wisdom. 

    When approached, Wapaq would ask what is the reason you have eaten it, and this must be answered or the spirits could not answer clearly, and even "worse" lead you into darkness... Something to keep in mind when working with any entheogenic plant or fungus because, at some point of meddling, you will be put into a position that perhaps you weren't prepared for and have to face some demons.

     The Intent is the foundation of all ritual, manifestation, prayer, ceremony, healing, desire, etc. Without this, you open yourself to a world of infinite possibilities, where Russian roulette becomes the name of the game and at the heart of reality, it's a trickster that's always there, playfully and at times terrifyingly, to teach a lesson... Gambling can be exciting, but can also come at a cost.

    The two main compounds of interest in the Amanita Muscaria mushroom are Muscimol and Ibotenic Acid, both very similar in molecular structure with the difference being in the ibotenic acid containing a carboxyl group attached to its structure. It is the ibotenic acid that is responsible for any negative side effects on the body and experience, and why Amanita has been deemed "poisonous"... this is not fact. Simply drying the Amanita caps under the sun or in the oven at 90F causes decarboxylation of the ibotenic acid thus the conversion to muscimol occurs.  

    As a GABA Agonist, Muscimol


    GABA; "Gamma-Aminobutyric acid", is an amino acid neurotransmitter located in our brains and central nervous system and acts as the body's most important inhibitory neurotransmitter, facilitating communication between our brain cells. GABA's main job is to reduce neuron activity in the brain and central nervous system which creates a relaxation of the body and mind, a calmer and balanced mood, diminishing anxiety, alleviation of pain, stress reduction, and an increase in sleep and staying asleep, restful sleep. Together with the body's excitatory neurotransmitter called Glutamate, GABA is very important to the physical, energetic, and mental homeostasis of the human. 
    Because of the effects that muscimol has on GABA, Amanita Muscaria has can be used in calming racing/overactive thoughts, irritability, nervous tension, insomnia, high anxiety, and lack of stillness. Muscimol acts as a cytoprotective agent to mitochondria, it inhibits the production of mechanisms that contribute to the death of mitochondrial cells, such as oxidative stress from Ca2+(Calcium Ion) influx. One thing calcium ions control is cell excitability and too much of this can cause stress in mitochondria and its nuclei, leading to cell death, like running an engine with too little, too much, or no oil, and the symptoms of failing systems begin to occur. A lot of research is currently being done on the promising cytoprotective qualities of muscimol on the body's nervous system and how the promotion of relaxation is key to our energy production. Oxidative stress not only quickly burns out our cells but also our minds, causing us to go into auto-pilot, which takes us away from the present moment and where the amount of sleep doesn't replenish our energy because we begin to lack in what is essential; REST
    As muscimol begins to act on GABA, what it's essentially doing is promoting a state of rest to our entire being, including the little guys that do all of the strenuous work to keep us functioning. Lack of energy isn't that we need more energy, what we require is a provision of rest to our full being, including our cells which form the body's systems which all are interwoven in a myriad of dances to form one function in existence and being. Because of this action, another way to look at this is that muscimol protects mitochondria from unnecessary overexertion of energy, affecting the processes that our mitochondria perform in our bodies.